Now your car can double as a toy.

BYD - the Chinese automaker that claims to have been the first to market with a plug-in hybrid vehicle - will use the upcoming Beijing Motor Show to debut a rather unusual industry first.

BYD will unveil its latest F3 Plus sedan at the Beijing Motor Show, but that's hardly the most interesting part. The F3 Plus will feature BYD's Remote Control Driving technology, which essentially turns the sedan into a remote-control car.

"With the key in his or her hands, the driver can make the car start, move forward and back, turn left and right, and travel at a restricted speed all by itself, without the driver even being in the vehicle," BYD said in a statement.

BYD says its Remote Control Driving technology is the "perfect solution when the parking space is not wide enough for the driver to exit the car once parked." BYD also promotes the technology as a way to avoid rainy weather as the driver can "remotely move the car to his or her side without getting wet."

We're all for new vehicle technologies, but Remote Control Driving seems like a low-speed collision just waiting to happen. What do you think? Good idea or good way to raise insurance premiums? Let us know in the comments below.