Cadillac's CUE is get an update.

Cadillac has announced that it is introducing the next-generation of its Cadillac user experience system — or CUE for short — with the 2017 model year CTS sedan.

CUE's overhaul wasn't radical, but what changes were made should make for a better user experience. For example, the latest version of CUE features a Summary View page that displays important applications — such as climate, audio, phone and navigation — on one screen. In prior versions of CUE each app was relegated to its own page so, for example, you couldn't see what song was playing on the radio while you were adjusting the climate control.

The new CUE system also uses cloud-based profiles so your personal settings follow you rather than stick with a single car. Features like display settings, contact favorites and navigation route preferences can easily be moved between Cadillac models equipped with the new CUE system.

Another perk of the updated CUE system is an integrated navigation app that can learn your driving habits over time. For example, if you take a certain way to work everyday, the system can suggests another route if it detects a traffic jam on your typical route.

"Cadillac pioneered connectivity by bringing OnStar to market, and more recently we became the first luxury brand to enable Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across our product line," said Richard Breckus, Cadillac director of product strategy. "We have worked to improve overall system response in recent years, and now this next-generation user experience system delivers more improvements, focused mainly on intuitive control."

The new CUE system will initially launch in the 2017 CTS before spreading to the XTS and ATS for the 2018 model year. Cadillac says the system will spread to other models in the coming years.