Cadillac upgrades myCadillac app with Apple Watch compatibility

Cadillac upgrades myCadillac app with Apple Watch compatibility

by Drew Johnson

Cadillac is making it a little easier to connect with your vehicle.

Cadillac announced on Wednesday that it is enhancing its myCadillac mobile app to include compatibility with Apple Watch.

The transition should be seamless for owners that access the myCadillac app via an iOS device; the Detroit automaker says the updated app will integrate automatically with Apple Watch. Once synced, Cadillac owners will be able to locate their vehicle; remotely start, stop, lock and unlock their vehicle; activate or cancel horn or lights; and access walking direction to their vehicle via the Apple Watch app.

"The Apple Watch integration is another example of the seamless integration of technology Apple aficionados have come to expect from the Cadillac brand,” said John McFarland, director of Global Digital Experience.

In addition to the myCadillac Apple Watch update, Cadillac also announced enhancements for the rear seat entertainment systems in its Escalade and CT6 vehicles. The new system allows rear seat passengers to stream content from devices such as Apple TV via an HDMI port and the vehicle's built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. In order to keep the content streaming, Cadillac is also rolling out a new unlimited data plan fro $20 per month.

Cadillac launched the myCadillac app in 2010 and today it works with every 2011 and newer Cadillac vehicle.