Cadillac will continue to offer coupes and wagons, but they might not be variants of the CTS.

Cadillac's current CTS range has grown to include a sedan, a coupe and a wagon, but CTS buyers will likely have fewer choices when the third-generation car bows for 2014. However, that's not to say coupes and wagons will completely disappear from Cadillac's lineup.

Cadillac says it is committed to keeping coupes and wagons in its vehicle lineup, but Don Butler, the VP of marketing for Cadillac, says there could be a shakeup in the nameplates offering those body styles.

"The fact that we offer coupes and wagons, that's going to continue," Butler told Car and Driver. "I'm not saying that will necessarily continue forward in the way we're doing it today."

An all-new CTS will hit the market in 2014, but the range will likely soldier on without a coupe variant. The global large coupe segment has dwindled in recent years, with cars like the CTS Coupe and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe selling in extremely limited quantities. The Cadillac coupe won't die with the current CTS, though, as Cadillac is planning to launch a new model between the ATS and the CTS.

Though largely based on the new ATS, the new coupe - which will actually double as a hardtop convertible - will be positioned between the entry-level ATS and up-level CTS. Cadillac's vision for the coupe essentially mirrors what Audi did with the A4-based A5.

The more premium coupe will eschew the ATS' base 2.5L naturally aspirated four-cylinder in favor of the sedan's more powerful 270 horsepower 2.0L. Cadillac's 3.6L V6 will also be on offer, as will a V performance variant producing at least 400 horsepower.

On the wagon front, Cadillac will continue to produce a five-door version of the CTS. Although the CTS Wagon has been a slow seller, Cadillac says the model has been successful in attracting a more affluent clientele to Cadillac showrooms. A CTS Wagon will also be a key part of Cadillac's plan to crack the wagon-loving European market.

A second-generation of the CTS-V Wagon is also planned.

The CTS will be the only wagon from Cadillac, however, as the luxury automaker has no plans for an ATS wagon. Cadillac says that an ATS buyer would be more interested in a crossover than a traditional wagon, and the automaker already has the SRX.