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Cadillac expands BOOK subscription service to two new cities

by Drew Johnson

BOOK by Cadillac is now available in LA and Dallas.

Cadillac announced on Monday that it is expanding its BOOK vehicle subscription service to the Los Angeles and Dallas metro areas. The BOOK service initially launched in New York City, where Cadillac has its corporate headquarters.

Offering customers a new way to experience the Cadillac brand, the BOOK service is essentially a new avenue to lease a Cadillac vehicle on a month-to-month basis. However, unlike a traditional lease, customers can exchange a vehicle up to 18 times a year, depending on their needs. That means you could go from an ATS-V one month to an Escalade the next.

"Since BOOK by Cadillac was first introduced, we've seen widespread enthusiasm and demand from consumers who are seeking ways to complement traditional methods of buying or leasing a vehicle," said Melody Lee, Global Director, BOOK by Cadillac. "BOOK by Cadillac has introduced entirely new customers to the brand and has been fully embraced by younger audiences as an innovative service that meets their ever-changing needs. Introducing the service in Los Angeles and Dallas is a natural evolution of the program."

As with its NY operations, customers in LA and Dallas will be able to ordered up their BOOK by Cadillac vehicles via a smartphone app. A concierge service will drop off the vehicle at the location of the customer's choosing.

The BOOK service is available for a monthly fee of $1,800, plus a one-time initiation fee of $500. In addition to the cost of the vehicle, that fee also covers all maintenance, insurance, taxes and registration costs. Mileage is restricted to 2,000 miles per month. There is no long-term contract, so customers can opt out of the service at any time.

In addition to its United States locations, Cadillac also operates its BOOK service in Munich, Germany. Cadillac says it is planning to offer the service in other global markets in the future.