As part of the emissions cheating settlement, the company had hoped to focus on high-traffic corridors.

California legislators have stepped up pressure on Volkswagen to build EV charging stations in disadvantaged communities.

VW's diesel emissions settlement requires the company to spend $2 billion on an 'Electrify America' campaign. Nearly half the money will be spent in California, helping pay for a network of charging stations and outreach programs.

The company recently outlined its plans for the first $200 million of spending in California, intending to focus infrastructure buildout in high-traffic corridors and areas where EVs are already popular. The plan was not universally well received, however, as some critics raised concerns that VW was investing in areas that will naturally be served by rivals.

The California Air Resources Board in May politely asked VW to invest 35 percent of its first spending round in poorer areas. The state legislature has since passed a bill that requires CARB to "ensure to the maximum extent allowable" that the 35-percent target is fulfilled, according to a Reuters report.

The legislation must still be signed by Governor Jerry Brown before becoming law.