Only seven street-legal examples of the Milan Abarth will be built.

A small Austrian automaker called Milan Abarth has traveled to Monaco to unveil an upcoming supercar. Unaffiliated with Fiat, the firm is partly made up of Carlo Abarth's direct descendants.

Milan Abarth's first creation is fully street-legal in spite of its Le Mans-inspired looks. Fitted with a plastic body, it weighs anywhere between 2,000 and 2,500 pounds depending on what options it is ordered with.

Inside, the car is Spartan and only packs the minimum amount of equipment needed in a road car. The driver steers with a track-inspired three-spoke wheel, while a digital instrument cluster displays vital information about the car. Those who want a more modern cockpit can order a touch-screen-based infotainment system.

Keeping in line with the customization theme, buyers will be able to pick between several engine configurations that range between 600 and 1,700 horsepower. How the company plans on getting that kind of power to the ground is not currently known.

Although the supercar will be formally presented to the public next February, its creators felt that it was important to preview it in Monaco.

"This private, unofficial launch event could only take place in Monaco - the place to show any special car. Monaco is the city of the supercar in every way," said Raphael Abarth, a consultant for the Milan Abarth project and the son of Carlo Abarth.

Seven street-legal and seven track-bound examples of the Milan Abarth will be hand-built starting next year. Each one will carry a base price of about €300,000, a figure which converts to roughly $390,000.