What am I supposed to do with all these mix tapes?

Some features in the automotive world have real staying power - like seats or wheels, for example. Others simply fizzle out. Unfortunately for the cassette deck, its time to fizzle has come, with the 2011 model year marking the death of the factory tape player.

Back in 2008 Leftlane conducted an in-depth review of 2009 model year vehicles offering the ability to listen to Sir Mix-A-Lot jams in high fidelity, uncovering just six vehicles left with a factory-installed tape deck. The tape deck managed to survive through the 2010 model year but has officially been declared extinct for 2011.

With the discontinuation of the Lexus SC430, the factory cassette player has officially been laid to rest. It may seem odd that a high-dollar luxury car was the last to offer a tape player, but five of those six models we uncovered in 2008 actually belonged to Lexus - including the SC. The sixth vehicle, far more appropriately, was the beloved Mercury Grand Marquis.

We're not sure if anyone will actually miss the tape deck, but its death has officially started the countdown on the in-dash CD player.


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