The British company wants to sell a more modern model alongside the iconic Seven.

England-based Caterham is still looking for a way to expand its lineup with a more mainstream model.

The British firm teamed up with Paris-based Renault to develop a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive chassis for a new sports car. Renault's Alpine A120 will debut in the coming months, but the Caterham variant was canned when the partnership was dissolved.

Company boss Graham MacDonald told British magazine Autocar that Caterham wants to develop a full-bodied, closed-top sports car to sell alongside the Seven. Pricing and size haven't been defined yet, though MacDonald explained he would prefer a model that adopts a front-engined, rear-wheel drive layout. The C120 would have been mid-engined had it been built, but that was a concession the brand was forced to make in order to work with Renault.

Caterham is a small automaker, so it needs to join forces with a bigger company in order to split the costs of developing an entirely new model. Macdonald said the company is open to working with anyone, even Renault, but he didn't reveal whether the company is already in talks with a potential partner.

It sounds like Caterham's full-bodied sports car could take a number of different paths to production. However, none of them involve using the Seven's chassis.

"What we're unlikely to do is just stick a roof and doors on a Seven. We want a bit more ease of access and more creature comforts inside," summed up MacDonald.

Note: Caterham CT02 design study pictured.