If given the green light for production, both cars are at least five years away.

U.K.-based Caterham is going to expand its lineup with a range-topping sports car that it will develop jointly with Renault. The automaker has confirmed that it is considering going more mainstream by offering a crossover and a city car.

Precisely when each car will bow is not known but they will undoubtedly come after the brand's new sports car, which is scheduled to make its public debut in 2015 at the earliest. If launched, the crossover and the city car will likely ride on Renault platforms, saving the company the small fortune that is associated with developing such vehicles from scratch.

Graham Macdonald, the CEO of Caterham Cars, indicated that after the potential crossover and city car he would like to see the company offer a supercar that would make heavy use of carbon fiber and feature a Formula 1-inspired energy recuperation system.

The company's inspiration for expanding outside of minimalists Lotus Seven-based sports cars comes from Porsche.

"If you look at what Porsche has done, it has set a great template for a company such as ours... It has gone from a pure DNA sports car maker and evolved from there," said Tony Fernandes, the chairman of Caterham Group, in an interview with England's What Car? magazine.

Caterham's venture into more mainstream territory will likely force it to expand outside of Europe, its largest market at the time of writing. A rumored entry into the United States is a possibility but the company will put a big focus on the Asian market.