Honda is taking a virtual view of the world.

Honda has unveiled a new virtual reality concept at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that could one day change the in-car experience.

The system, known as Honda Dream Drive, was developed in collaboration with DreamWorks. The systems uses a VR headset to "immerse passengers in a virtual reality world triggered by the motion of the vehicle."

Honda Dream Drive works by using live telematics data to display pertinent information about the surrounding world via a VR headset. For example, if you're looking for a place to eat, you can set the VR system to mark all restaurants in your field of view. The system also incorporates data from other sources, such as customer reviews, and even has the ability to make reservations.

"Entertainment in the car is rapidly changing as consumers rely more and more on personal devices and Honda sees new opportunities to create unique experiences for our customers," said John Moon, Developer Relations Lead at Honda Developer Studio. "The collaboration with DreamWorks enables Honda to enhance the in-vehicle experience through new ways of delivering information and entertainment."

Since the Honda Dream Drive system requires a VR headset, it's obviously not designed for drivers. However, it could theoretically be used in connection with a display-capable windshield that would give the driver access to the system's information. We think the navigation line would be of particular use. But more than likely, a production version of the Honda Dream Drive would be reserved for an autonomous vehicle.