Hyundai envisions a future where you rarely have to leave your couch.

Hyundai has introduced a brand-new concept that blurs the line between the car and the home. Named Mobility Vision, the design study made its official debut during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).The concept explores how an autonomous car can be integrated into a house. Instead of parking in a garage or on the street, Hyundai's concept comes to a stop right next to a massive gap in the living room wall. The driver's seat then pivots out and into the living room, where it replaces a chair or a sofa. It pivots back into the passenger compartment when the user needs to go somewhere.

The futuristic "one space" concept means motorists can take full advantage of autonomous technology. They don't need to stop what they're doing -- whether it's working, reading, or simply relaxing -- to leave their house. In short, Hyundai envisions a future where you can park in your living room, and where you rarely have to leave your couch.

There are other benefits to combining the car and the house into a single space. The car's air conditioning system can cool down a living room, and the sound system can replace a home stereo. Hyundai also points out the car's hydrogen fuel cell can generate electricity in the event of a power outage.

The Mobility Vision concept was designed to woo show-goers in Las Vegas, and it's still many years away from production.