Rinspeed will use the 2018 CES Las Vegas to show of its vision of the future.

Rinspeed, the Switzerland-based think tank best known for its outlandish automotive creations, will travel to the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to show off a new modular mobility ecosystem that it's created.

Known as "Snap," Rinspeed's new vehicle concept consists of a skateboard platform and interchangeable "pod" body structures. Similar to a concept already outlined by General Motors, Rinspeed's system allows for one vehicle chassis to take on several different configurations, such as a comfortable lounge for passengers or a box truck for carrying cargo.

Although Snap makes it easy to quickly transform the purpose of a vehicle, Rinspeed says the design was actually intended to future proof a vehicle. The pods themselves are constructed out of durable materials and can be used for years, but the skateboard chassis are intended to be replaced on a regular basis. That's because, according to Rinspeed, technology is evolving at such a fast rate that hardware simply can't keep up with improving software.

Although Rinspeed didn't fully detail its Snap system, the skateboards presumably use autonomous technology and are electrically powered. Because they're designed to be fully recycled, that means customers would be able to swap out their outdated skateboard platform whenever a new and improved model was released.

Rinspeed isn't in the habit of turning its concept vehicles into production models, so we doubt there are any mass production plans for the Snap system. However, the idea of a skateboard with interchangeable bodies is gaining steam in the auto industry, so we could one day see a system similar to Snap on public roads.