Pre-ordering is already open, but the company has not said if it plans a significant increase in production volume to meet higher demand.

General Motors has reportedly confirmed plans to offer the Chevrolet Bolt in all 50 states ahead of schedule.

The company is already taking pre-orders across the nation for its first long-range EV, with the first deliveries expected in August. The expansion was initially slated for September.

Speaking at a Chevy media event attended by Automotive News, the brand's marketing director, Steve Majoros, suggests the company completed training programs and other necessary preparations earlier than expected.

All participating dealers were required to install DC fast-charging equipment before offering the Bolt.

GM also claims to have built up inventory ahead of the nationwide rollout, though it is still unclear if the company plans to offer the Bolt in high volumes or focus mostly on emissions compliance in states that follow California's tighter emissions standards.

"It's this delicate balancing act, but we think we're at the right level of sufficient inventory," Majoros said. "We can keep feeding where there's a stronghold of sales."