The Camaro ZL1 is on its way to customers.

Chevrolet's "hold" of its 2012 Camaro ZL1 is officially over. Although a reason for the hold has never been fully divulged, Chevy stopped shipments and sales of the ZL1 earlier this month for what it described as software issue.

In an email obtained by Motor Authority, Chevrolet informed awaiting ZL1 buyers that it has resumed shipments of the 580-horsepower muscle car. Chevy says that cars built before the hold was put into place should arrive at dealers within two to three weeks, but the company is holding off on providing delivery estimates for cars that are in the middle of the assembly process.

Chevrolet is still sorting through allocation and timing issues with cars that have yet to begin the production process, but the automaker says it will give an update for those customer within the next two weeks.

If you happen to be one of those waiting to take delivery of the ZL1 - or are just curious about what the car is like to drive - be sure to check out our review of the ultimate Camaro here.