Chevrolet to stop Volt production in 2022?

Chevrolet to stop Volt production in 2022?

by Ronan Glon

The Volt is nearing the end of its life cycle, according to a recent report.

Chevrolet will stop producing the gasoline-electric Volt hatchback in 2022, according to a recent report. Insiders who asked to remain anonymous addeed there is no replacement in the works.

When production ends, the Volt will have fulfilled its mission of serving as a stop-gap on the path to battery-electric cars. Slow sales aren't killing the Volt; better technology is. Chevrolet parent company General Motors is planning a veritable onslaught of 20 battery-powered cars by 2023 and it needs extra production capacity to build them.

Retiring the Volt (which comes to life in the Detroit-Hamtramck factory) won't give GM the capacity it needs, so the Chevrolet Impala and the Buick LaCrosse could get sent to the chopping block, too. GM Authority adds the Volt nameplate will likely survive on one of Chevrolet's battery-electric models.

Chevrolet hasn't commented on the rumor. A lot can happen between now and 2022 so we're taking the report with a grain of salt. Even if it's accurate, expect the second-generation Volt to get a mid-cycle update in the coming years. It might bring more range, too.

The Velite 5, Buick's China-brewed version of the Volt, will get axed at the same time as its Chevrolet-badged sibling. Again, it's unlikely to spawn a direct successor.