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GM tweaks Bolt software to deal with battery failures

by Justin King

The software provides an early warning that a battery must be replaced to prevent unexpected failure while driving.

General Motors has rolled out a software update to address Chevrolet Bolt battery failures.

"Certain 2017 model year Bolt EV vehicles may have a condition where the calibration will not detect the difference in the state of charge between the cell groups of the battery," the company wrote in a notification to owners. "This condition may not provide sufficient warning prior to a battery cell low voltage condition, which may result in a loss of propulsion."

Many formal safety recalls have been associated with loss of propulsion. GM is handling the Bolt defect via an informal satisfaction campaign, however.

The reprogrammed hybrid powertrain control module will provide more warning that a vehicle must be brought in to have its battery replaced under the free repair program.

"Only certain vehicles will experience the battery low voltage condition," the owner notice says.