Now that the Chevy Camaro is going global it appears U.S. fans are feeling left out on what the Euro car is getting.

Chevrolet's hot-selling Camaro SS is now bound for Europe, complete with a handful of changes that have made some Americans a bit jealous of what the global Camaro is getting that they will not.

For starters, the European Camaro SS will sport new, LED taillamps that give the car a very distinct and premium look. The folks at Carscoop reached out to GM to ask them if said taillamps, among other changes, would migrate back to the Camaro's homeland, but the answer wasn't good: it was "no."

Chevrolet's PR representative apparently told the Euro car site that the changes were made largely for European market compliance, and that there were no plans to bring the changes back to the States. The rep also coughed up a list outlining the specific changes between the American-market Camaro and the European cars:

All models will be SS trim, meaning 6.2-liter V8 engines only
*All models come with leather standard
*All models come with Euro beam HID headlamps with auto-levelers and washers
*LED rear lamps
*Up-sized folding exterior mirrors with built-in turn signals
*Front and rear tow hooks
*Unique emissions calibrations
*Re-tuned suspension on the convertible
*Market-specific speedometer
*Unique license plate brackets

In the United Kingdom the coupe will start from ?'34,995, while the drop-top will begin at ?'39,995. There will also be a limited run 45th anniversary edition (as there was in the U.S.), with a unique Carbon Flash Black paint job with bespoke red and silver anniversary stripes, dark silver 20-inch alloys, unique 45th anniversary leather interior with red, white and blue stitching and a one-off white-backed instrument panel. That model will be priced from ?'36,495 for the coupe or ?'41,495 for the convertible.

The Chevrolet Camaro is set to hit European dealer lots in "late Spring."