A strong March showing has significantly boosted GM confidence in the Volt's demand.

The roller coaster ride for the much-maligned and praised Chevrolet Volt looks to be heading for another "up" following its best-yet sales in March of 2,289 cars.

That new "up" arrives in the form of double good news, actually, as Dan Akerson, General Motors CEO, told Bloomberg that the five-week long production halt of the Volt will be stopped a week early. In addition to that news, Akerson explained that there are goals to hit 3,000 monthly sales for the Volt in coming months, adding, "[We] are certainly positioning it."

Should GM manage to grow Volt sales another 30 percent in the coming months to a sustained 3,000-a-month rate, the automaker would still fall well short of its original goal of 45,000 units in 2012 - but far ahead of feared projections after a rough 603 unit January and 1,023 unit February.