China is now Cadillac's largest single market.

Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen must have a very accurate crystal ball; just days after he proclaimed that China would eventually overtake the United States as Cadillac's largest market, China has overtaken the U.S. in total Cadillac sales.

Admittedly it's far too early to call the sales race — after all, we're only one month into the new year — but January's results indicate 2017 will likely be the year China overtakes the U.S. as Cadillac's largest single market. While Cadillac's sales fell 4.1 percent to 10,298 units in the U.S. last month, that brand's sales shot up 116 percent to 18,011 units in China.

"Cadillac begins 2017 with a continuation of the robust global growth of 2016, a year in which we sold more products worldwide than any point in the past three decades," said de Nysschen. "We are growing the business significantly and attracting a youthful and affluent demographic, elevating the aspirational character of the brand. This is particularly the case in China, where our growth is explosive and sustained."

Last year the U.S. held a comfortable lead over China in terms of Cadillac sales. Although U.S. sales dipped by 3 percent in 2016, Cadillac's home market accounted for 170,006 deliveries, compared to 116,406 units in China. If January's results are any indication, those result will flip-flop in 2017.

Photo by Drew Johnson.