Two companies have been ordered to pony up over $400,000 for using a logo similar to the German marque.

China regulators have reportedly cracked down on two companies for allegedly using a 'BMN' trademark and logo that appeared to take a bit of inspiration from BMW.

One company owner is said to have established Deguo Baoma Group Holdings Limited in 2008, which is said to translate to German BMW Group Holdings Limited, according to a Shanghai Daily report. The firm later registered the BMN trademark, allegedly placed on a logo that resembles the German automaker's blue roundel.

Another company then received permission to use the trademark for accessory products such as clothing and bags.

The companies and one of the owners are said to face a 3 million yuan (~$432,000 USD) penalty, to be paid to BMW, for infringing the automaker's trademarks.

Global automakers are now scrambling to compete for prominence in the world's largest automotive market, however years of industry isolation and comparatively lax enforcement has allowed local companies to build many apparent imitations of Western vehicles.

After quietly tolerating the copies, some automakers have recently called for the government to intervene. Jaguar Land Rover in 2014 cried foul over the LandWind X7, which bears a striking resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque, however the government dismissed the complaints.