The concept hints at Qoros' future design direction.

China's new Qoros brand has unveiled a series of images that depict its first-ever concept car. Scheduled to bow at the Geneva Motor Show next March, the yet-unnamed concept previews a flagship sedan that will arrive in showrooms in 2020 at the very earliest.

Unlike the recently-unveiled GQ3, the flagship concept was penned by a 22-year old British design student named Jamie Barrett. It features suicide rear doors, a sleek coupe-like profile and a squared-off rear end that is slightly reminiscent of the Audi A7.

The aggressive look indicates that the sedan is designed to be equipped with a powerful engine but Qoros has opted not to release any technical details.

Although 2020 is still a long ways away, the concept hints at the styling direction that the brand will take as it gradually establishes a full lineup over the next couple of years. Design cues such as the chromed grille, the rippled hood and the thin headlights will be toned down and applied to upcoming production vehicles.

The flagship sedan will not bow by itself in Geneva. Qoros will also display the aforementioned GQ3 and another concept that will preview a premium Nissan Juke-sized crossover.