Chrysler could be launching a new hatchback under the 100 nameplate.

Chrysler's lone hatchback offering - the Dodge Caliber - recently ended production, but the Auburn Hills-based automaker is said to be mulling a new compact hatchback model for its Chrysler brand.

Speaking with USA Today, Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed the company is considering a new hatchback for its Chrysler division. Fitting in-line with Chrysler's current naming scheme, Marchionne suggested the car would be marketed as the 100.

The car has yet to get the green light but, if it does, Marchionne says it will also be exported as a Lancia.

Although no further details were given, we do have some clues about the 100. As Marchionne sated the car will be exported to Europe, it's clear that it would be produced in North America. And, given Chrysler's rather sparse small car lineup, the 100 would, in all likelihood, be based on the Dodge Dart compact. The Dart is produced in Illinois.

In Europe the Lancia version of the car could replace the company's Ypsilon model. The last Ypsilon stretched a total of 150 inches, so the 100 could retain those general proportions.