Chrysler is facing some questions about the authenticity of its Super Bowl commercial.

Chrysler highlighted Detroit's comeback with another two-minute ad during this year's Super Bowl, but the Auburn Hills-based automaker is drawing some heat over the filming locations for the commercial.

Like last year's "Born of Fire" ad, Chrysler's most recent spot, titled "Halftime in America", touts Detroit as a city on the comeback trail. While that may be true, some have taken issued with where the commercial was actually shot.

While the spot does feature some images of Detroit, all views of the Motor City were actually recycled shots from other commercials. All of the new footage for "Halftime in Americ" was shot at locations outside of Detroit, such as New Orleans and Los Angeles.

"Yes, part of it was filmed in New Orleans . . . and some was filmed in various parts""such as Los Angeles," Dianna Gutierrez, senior Manager of Marketing, Advertising and Product Communications?' at?' Chrysler, told the Weekly Standard.

So what do you think? Is it a big deal that Chrysler's comeback story was actually filmed thousands of miles from its home town?