The Chrysler brand is attempting to define itself after a serious reshuffling of its identity, along with its co-brands, and this new ad is intended to start that shift.

While many companies took advantage of the pre-Super Bowl commercial hype by showing teasers and even fully revealing their commercials online before the big game, Chrysler decided to keep its big ad under wraps until the game itself.

The Auburn Hills-based automaker says that it decided to hold off releasing any details about its massive commercial - aside from revealing that it would set a record for being two minutes long - because the brand felt that making the full reveal during the game would have the biggest impact on the audience of some 30 million viewers. Considering the significance of the ad, Chrysler better hope that its unique approach pays off.

Chrysler says that its new ad, "Born of Fire," which features Detroit-native Eminem driving a new Chrysler 200 through the streets of Motor City, is intended to kick off a new marketing and advertising campaign that aims to redefine the brand and establish Chrysler as a true American luxury automaker. The ad also reveals Chrysler's new tagline, "Imported from Detroit," which flips some conventional criticism and stigma associated with American automakers and turns it into a reason to be proud of, a reason to desire and a reason to believe in the brand.

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"The new tagline was created to convey the message that one does not have to cross an ocean to obtain luxury, it's available right here," said Olivier Francois, president and CEO, Chrysler brand and lead executive for marketing, Chrysler Group LLC.

Sticking with the theme of believing in the people of Detroit, Chrysler says the entire commercial was shot on-scene in Detroit using local cast and crew members. Of course, Eminem starred in the ad, and his famous "Lose Yourself" song played in the background during much of the commercial.