Chrysler pitchman Jason Vines has responded to accusations that a new ad for the 2006 Dodge Caliber is homophobic. "Just because the Easter bunny has pink eyes it doesn't mean he's gay," Vines said in a statement. "But apparently one of our very funny commercials for the 2007 Dodge Caliber has laid an egg with those who equate how someone dresses with sexual orientation." Vines argues that those who say the man in their commercial looks gay are the true stereotypers. "What's not cute to me is that anyone would make the leap that that all men who wear light colored shirts, white shorts and knee socks are gay or that all gay men dress alike," he said. "On the other hand, are they suggesting that individuals who look tough, wear work boots and jeans and walk large dogs can't be homosexual?"

Vines went on: "Actually, the guy with the yellow shirt, little dogs and shorts, kinda dresses like Napoleon Dynamite's brother, who, if you saw the movie, ends up with a very foxy lady."
"The last time I looked at one of those golf magazines I saw a lot of guys who swing a pretty strong club wearing not only pastel shirts, but pretty ugly pants too. Go ahead -- tell one of 'em you think they're gay because of their fashion sense."

"The leader of a prominent gay rights group remarked in a Detroit newspaper that this guy looks pretty gay to me. If I had said that, there would be demonstrations outside our headquarters and then I'd be fired."