Chrysler has apparently fixed the issues with its Pacifica Hybrid.

Chrysler has resumed production of its Pacifica Hybrid after a fault in the minivan's electrical system forced the automaker to temporarily halt production of the gas-electric people mover.

Chrysler has been extremely tight-lipped about the issues with its Pacifica Hybrid model, but sources with inside knowledge of the situation told Automotive News on Tuesday that the minivan's Windsor plant resumed production of the fuel-efficient model on June 19. Chrysler temporarily halted production of the Pacifica Hybrid on June 9.

That production stoppage was due to a faulty diode in the van's electrical system that could cause "propulsion loss," according to FCA. Due to that problem Chrysler recalled 1,368 Pacifica Hybrids in the United States and another 309 in Canada.

The Chrysler Pacifica is the automakers first hybrid vehicle since the Chrysler Aspen Hybrid ceased production in 2009.