More Fiats are on the way.

Instead of using its platforms for small Chrysler and Dodge vehicles, Fiat will expand its lineup in North America.

The Italian automaker, which owns the majority of Chrysler, revealed a long range product plan this morning for all five divisions it sells in the United States and Canada - Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and Ram. In addition, the automaker has also said that Alfa Romeos will begin arriving on North American shores later this year.

Perhaps the biggest news is that five Fiat-based models planned for Chrysler and Dodge have been dropped. Instead, Fiat will add five new variants in 2015 including compact and subcompact cars.

The new information was revealed in a presentation the automaker will make to investors this morning in Detroit. It's worth noting that what Fiat and Chrysler consider a new "model" might be a variation on an existing model - think Fiat 500 (hardtop) and Fiat 500c (cabriolet).

Here's a breakdown of what the automaker has planned:

Alfa Romeo. Back on U.S. shores for the first time since 1995 (not counting the brief arrival of the 8C Competizione a couple of years ago), Alfa Romeo will begin with its 4C later this year. That will be followed up by four models (presumably a BMW 3-Series-fighting sedan to replace the 159) in 2015 and a fifth in 2016.

Chrysler. Instead of using Fiat architecture for three new, small models that were expected in 2013, Chrysler will continue to develop its own platforms. The 300 sedan is expected to see a thorough refresh for 2014. What happens beyond that is a little unclear, but four all-new models are scheduled for 2014 and 2015. At the very least, we figure three of those will be a 200 sedan, a 200 convertible and a Town & Country.

Dodge. A pair of Fiat-based Dodge small cars have been axed. Instead, Dodge will debut a refreshed model this year, two refreshes next year (likely to include the Charger and Challenger), a refresh and an all-new model in 2015 and an all-new model in 2016.

Fiat. The Italian automaker's namesake division sees the biggest diversion from before. Six new Fiat models will arrive in 2015 and another will follow in 2016. Don't expect six nameplates, but rather several variations on a refreshed Fiat 500 ) plus at least two new models that won't have 500 badging or styling cues.

Jeep. Later this year, a Liberty replacement will bow and a refreshed Compass is also, rather surprisingly, due out. In 2014, an all-new model riding on a Fiat platform - which should replace the Patriot - will arrive. Two all new models are scheduled for 2015 and two more for 2016. A refresh - probably of the Liberty replacement - is anticipated for 2016 as well.

Ram. A Fiat-derived Ram model is due out next year, followed by a mild refresh of the larger Ram trucks in 2015. Two all new models will arrive in 2016.

SRT. Chrysler's performance line will see three refreshed models arrive in 2014 - think Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger. Another refresh is due for 2015, followed by an all-new model in 2016.

The detailed breakdown can be found on page 26 of the presentation here.

Notably, the product plan indicates that only Jeep and Ram will debut any vehicles using Fiat-derived architecture between now and 2016.