Consumer Reports had harsh words for CUE in a recent review.

What does the "C" in Cadillac's CUE infotainment system stand for? "Confusing, convoluted and complicated," according to Consumer Reports, which found little to like about the setup in a recent review.

CR found the Cadillac User Experience system, which combines capacitive buttons with a touchscreen mounted in the dashboard, to be less than intuitive and more than a little distracting. The touchscreen in particular was a point of dissatisfaction for the magazine: it hides buttons and functions until the driver's fingers come close to the display, which CR said can make it hard for the driver to know where to press without taking his or her eyes off the road.

Additionally, CR deemed the capacitive buttons to be overly "fussy" and found their occasional lack of tactile feedback disconcerting: though they're designed to provide haptic feedback, the function didn't always work for the magazine's reviewers.

Perhaps the most scathing judgment issued by CR was its assertion that Ford's MyFord Touch is more user-friendly than CUE. The magazine has routinely criticized MyFord Touch in the past as a fundamentally flawed system.

Overall, CR concluded that the CUE system is entirely out of step with Cadillac's newfound focus on producing driver-oriented cars.