The Chevrolet gold bow-tie logo may become more prominently placed on the brand's performance offerings in the coming years, according to General Motors Vice President of Design Ed Welburn. Mr. Welburn spoke about the future of Chevrolet design on the weekly Autoline Detroit TV series. Welburn said there will be increasing design synergy across Chevy models, with a common design theme becoming obvious in the coming years.

When host John McElroy pointed out that the gold bow-tie emblem doesn't appear prominently on the Corvette, Welburn responded by saying this is likely to change. "The gold bowtie will be there," he said. "There is a strong siganture grille that we are develpping for all Chevys," Welburn explained. "We will depart a bit in the grille area [...] but that bowtie will be there on every Chevy."

Traditionally, GM has refrained from putting the Chevy logo on the Corvette because the brand is typically associated with more economical vehicles. GM may now wish to associate the Corvette more closely with Chevy in an effort to improve consumer perception of the brand.