Chevrolet Corvette buyers are aging and demand is declining - but GM hopes that a new marketing campaign will turn things around.

Gearing up to celebrate its 60th anniversary in just two model years, the Corvette nameplate is pretty much a senior citizen - and that also describes its aging buyer base.

Despite performance that might woo younger buyers, Corvette sales have declined big time since the current generation was introduced for 2005. Over the last five years, sales have toppled 65.4 percent, even though Chevrolet has added more power, more special edition models and more refinement.

GM acknowledges that sales aren't where the automaker would like them. As a result, it is buying ads on Facebook, television and other media in an effort to raise awareness. Its latest TV campaign is its first since 2004, when the automaker introduced the sixth-generation Corvette to the public.

Maybe we got a little complacent," Harlan Charles, Corvette product marketing manager, told The Dallas Morning News. "Maybe we need to tell the younger generation about just how special the Corvette is."

Corvette's future as the bowtie brand's halo car is sealed through at least another generation, but its long-run longevity remains up in the air.


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