The United Arab Emirates has become known for its conspicuous consumption - just take a look at The Palm Islands in Dubai -- but the Abu Dhabi police department's latest purchase seems a bit over the top -- even for the UAE's capital city.

The Abu Dhabi police department took the wraps of its latest cruiser on Monday at the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix -- a 2010 Nissan GT-R carrying a price tag of over $83,000. Done up in full police livery, the Nissan GT-R is sure to give criminals in Abu Dhabi second thoughts about running from the law.

Packing the same 485 horsepower twin-turbo 3.8L V6 found under the hood of the civilian-issue GT-R, Abu Dhabi's latest police vehicle is capable of accelerating from 0-60 in under four seconds. However, we suspect the standard GT-R's top speed of 193mph might be adversely affected by the roof-mounted light bar.

Running from the law in Abu Dhabi may have just become a little more difficult, but at least the ride to the slammer will be a little more entertaining than in your typical police cruiser.