A Dacia executive is pushing for a Mazda MX-5-like sports car.

The UK boss of Dacia, Renault's budget European brand, is pushing for the development a two-seat sports car along the same lines as the original Mazda MX-5 roadster.

"In my opinion a sports car is exactly what we need," Thierry Sybord, Dacia UK's managing director, told Auto Express. "Like the original Alpine, it would be simple, affordable and most of all fun to drive - it's not necessarily about going fast."

The Alpine brand will soon be reborn thanks to a tie-up between Renault and Caterham, but that car remains off limits for Dacia development.

"The new Alpine platform will be way too expensive for Dacia," Sybord explained. "It would have to be based on a development of the Logan chassis, like all Dacias. It would use a similar philosophy to the original MX-5 but be cheaper."

Sybord noted that the sports car model would be used to attract "younger customers" to the Dacia brand.

At this point it remains unknown just how realistic Sybord's dream is, but a two-seat sports car doesn't appear to be in the cards. Although such a vehicle could lure younger buyers, Dacia remains focus on inexpensive people movers like the Sandero and Duster.