The Lodgy can accommodate up to seven passengers.

Renault promised that it would reveal a new car on January 5th, 2012. The car could have been anything from the fourth-generation Clio to the redesigned Mégane, or even the production version of the electric Zoé.

As it turns out, the new car isn't a Renault at all: it's the new Dacia Lodgy minivan, the Renault-owned lowcost brand's fourth model. According to Dacia, the Lodgy name comes from the word "lodge" and refers to the van's main purpose, which is to accommodate a family and its luggage.

The Lodgy's exterior has a typically Dacia flair to it. It borrows numerous styling cues from the rest of the lineup such its trapezoidal rear window and its front grille.

No pictures of the interior are available at the time of writing. Considering Dacia's lowcost vocation, it probably won't feature any breakthroughs in styling or technology. However, the brand said that it will be able to comfortably seat up to seven people.

Full technical details will be available in the next month, but we can already say with near-certainty that the Lodgy will be powered by the usual assortment of Renault-sourced gas and diesel four-cylinder engines, including the popular 1.5 dCi.

The Lodgy is scheduled to make its full debut at the Geneva Motor show next March and will hit European showrooms by July of 2012.