The rumored change would place Daimler's car-sharing business under separate leadership from Mercedes-Benz cars.

Daimler is reportedly preparing to create a new corporate structure with three distinct business entities.A report in Germany's Manager Magazin, translated by Reuters, suggests the new corporate holding company would split operations into three divisions. Mercedes-Benz cars and vans would operate independently from Mercedes-Benz trucks, while the third unit would contain Mercedes-Benz financial services.

Notably, the rumored reorganization would place car-sharing and other 'mobility' businesses within the Mercedes-Benz financial services unit.

The automaker has not officially confirmed the report, though it did acknowledge that it is "continually reviewing its optimal strategic positioning and structural set up so that it can respond to a changing competitive landscape and market."

The new structure is not expected to be implemented until early 2019, according to the latest reports.