A Russian driver has captured dramatic footage of a fatal plane crash.

A Russian driver who was driving with his dash cam on has captured the dramatic moment when a Russian airliner crashed into the embankment of a highway that he was driving on.

The crash occurred in the late hours of yesterday Pacific Time when a Russian-made Tupolev Tu-204 owned by Red Wings airlines overshot the runway at Vnukovo airport. The crash resulted in the fatalities of four crew including both pilots and two cabin crew, with four other crew members sustaining head injuries, according to reports.

Thankfully, the plane was not carrying passengers, but was on a return flight from the Czech Republic. Although it is unknown exactly what caused the crash, the 2008-model plane was said to be landing in a heavy snowstorm with swirling winds complicating matters further.

Russian drivers are well known for driving with dash cameras as it helps when making insurance claims with attempted insurance fraud being somewhat common. As you can see from the footage, the tragic loss of life was graphically captured with a parts of the plane scattering on to the highway and collecting the car as well.