The 80 pounds found last April were only the tip of a huge iceberg.

The 80 pounds of pot found in the trunk of two Ford Fusions shipped from Mexico to Minnesota last April turned out to be only the tip of a massive iceberg. Officials from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) just uncovered 400 pounds of pressed marijuana hidden in cars at a Ford dealership in Kent, Ohio. Just like the stash found in Minnesota, the pot was concealed in the spare tire well of new Fusions shipped by train from a factory in Sonora, Mexico, via a rail yard in Warren, Ohio.

Dealership employees called the Portage County sheriff's office after finding packages that looked suspicious in the space normally occupied by the spare tire. There's no word on how long cartels have been using Fusions in lieu of old-fashioned runners to smuggle drugs across the border. However, Ford assured the Youngstown Vindicator that its efforts in the field of mobility don't apply to grass.

"We're aware of the situation and are taking it very seriously. We are working with the FBI and Customs on an extensive investigation. We have confirmed that this is not happening at our plant or at our internal shipping yards," said Kelli Felker, Ford's communication manager for manufacturing and labor.

The investigation into how the drugs found their way into Ford's family sedan continues. As of writing, no arrests have been made.