The dawn of the autonomous taxi is upon us.

Automotive supplier Delphi has announced a new partnership with Transdev, a leading global provider of mobility services, that will bring driverless taxis to the streets of Paris and Normandy.

Service will start later this year with two cars and one shuttle. The cars will be based on the Renault Zoe EV and will use Delphi's automated driving platform. The shuttle will be borrowed from Transdev's fleet that is already in service in Normandy.

"With Delphi's expertise in driverless technology, we will accelerate our capabilities to develop a global autonomous transportation system, from client interface to vehicle intelligence," Yann Leriche, chief performance officer and lead of the B2C business line at Transdev group said. "Our ambition is to offer the best 'PACE' mobility solutions to our clients: Personalized, Autonomous, Connected and Electric."

Although the cars earmarked for the pilot program will operate autonomous, a driver will be behind the wheel in case something goes haywire. The autonomous cars will also be monitored via a video feed. Users will be able to summon the vehicles with a smartphone app.

Delphi is hoping to launch a fleet of robotic taxis in the United States sometime soon. Just yesterday Lyft announced that it was bringing its own fleet of autonomous Renaults Zoes to the streets of Boston later this year.