smart is preparing a trio of new and updated models.

The current fortwo hasn't exactly been a resounding sales success, but Daimler-owned smart is pushing forward with work on a next-generation model - in addition to a pair of new, larger offerings that could be better suited to U.S. tastes.

Along with the redesigned fortwo, smart's lineup will expand to include a new forfour and a crossover model, according to an Auto Express report.

While both the fortwo and forfour were originally to be co-developed with Daimler partner Renault-Nissan, smart is now reportedly going it alone with its new two-door city car. Slated to launch in early 2014, the fortwo will continue to use a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, but its styling will take inspiriton from the futuristic forvision EV concept.

While details for the U.S.-spec model have yet to be revealed, power for the European-market version will come from a 0.9-liter two-cylinder with about 64 horsepower. No word on transmission choices, but we'd be surprised if smart didn't abandon the current fortwo's oft-critized single-clutch, automated manual gearbox. An all-electric fortwo with 87 horsepower is expected to join the lineup at the end of 2014, along with a new cabriolet variant.

The four-door fourfor, which is still being jointly developed with Renault-Nissan, will also arrive near the end of 2014. It will offer a range of turbocharged three-cylinder that were developed in conjunction with Renault, which will sell its own version of the forfour as the next-generation Twingo.

Finally, the smart model most likely to be embraced by U.S. buyers - the crossover - will arrive in late 2015. The soft-roader is expected to share a variety of components with the next-generation Nissan Juke and feature four-cylinder powertrains along with styling drawn from the forstars concept.