A news piece may have given us our first look at Chrysler's upcoming Barracuda.

As we recently learned with the 2013 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the background of a scene can be just as important as the main focus. Following the in-the-shadows debut of the new G-Class, a "60 Minutes" piece may have given us our first look at Chrysler's upcoming Barracuda model.

A few minutes into the piece, "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft conducts an interview with SRT brand head Ralph Gilles at one of Chrysler's design studios. Although most of America was fixated on the conversation between the two, the keen eyes over at Allpar.com spotted something interesting in the background.

It's been rumored for the last several months that Chrysler will replace its Dodge Challenger with a new model wearing the Barracuda nameplate, and the red coupe behind Gilles might just be that car. We certainly haven't seen the car in question before, and it appears to be more compact than the current Challenger - matching the claims of the latest reports.

Automotive News tried to get to the bottom of things by showing the clip to a Chrysler spokesman, but the automaker responded by saying the car "is just one of the many concepts and projects in our studios. That one is a student model."

So, what do you think? Could we be looking at the upcoming 'Cuda, or is that red coupe really just a student model?