Hyundai is going all-in on the crossover.

Hoping to capitalize on a booming apatite for utility vehicles, Hyundai announced on Tuesday that it will introduce eight new or re-engineered CUVs by the year 2020.

Hyundai says its new crossover products will range from the compact Kona due out next year to a new mid-size utility vehicle with seating for up to eight. Powertrains will also be diversified, with plans for diesels, fuel cells and pure electrics.

"Very soon we are going to have the most diverse CUV powertrain lineup in the industry," said Mike O'Brien, vice president, product, corporate and digital planning, Hyundai Motor America. "These vehicles will show the engineering prowess of the more than 13,000 engineers Hyundai Motor Company has working on current and future models every single day. Our customers are going to have a lot of great CUV choices in our dealerships."

According to an illustration provided by Hyundai, five of its new CUVs will debut next year, including a fuel-cell vehicle and an electric. Three other CUVs — including a diesel, an A-segment CUV and a mid-sizer — will be introduced during 2019.

"The Kona is only the beginning of our product revolution for Hyundai," O'Brien, added. "These vehicles are aimed squarely at the sales leaders in each segment and will emphasize Hyundai's continued focus on sustainability and efficiency without compromising performance."