Former diesel engine provider for Ford's trucks, Navistar, has been named in a series of lawsuits seeking class-action status due to product "defects."

Navistar International, the long time diesel engine provider for Ford Motor Company's trucks and now canceled Excursion, has been named in five lawsuits that are each seeking class-action status stemming from "design and manufacturing defects" for the problem-laden 6.0-liter diesel engine once used in Ford vehicles.

The news of the class action suits came after Navistar made a regulatory filing in California, Utah, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi, according to Bloomberg. The suits each seek class-action status for owners of 2003 through 2007 model year vehicles equipped with the 6.0-liter Powerstroke diesel engine designed and produced by Navistar, for Ford.

Ford and Navistar share a rocky past due to the issues stemming from the 6.0-liter and subsequent 6.4-liter diesel engines, and in 2007 Ford sued Navistar in a multi-billion dollar suit concerning the same issues being covered in the new class-action suits.

The automaker designed its new Scorpion 6.7-liter diesel engine in-house.


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