The problem is related to static buildup when the wipers are activated during dry condition.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has launched another Jeep Cherokee recall to fix a defective electronic component.The company warns that static buildup can occur if the driver operates the windshield wipers during dry conditions. Significant buildup can affect a control module that powers the wipers, potentially disabling wiper function altogether.

Despite the safety implications, FCA claims to be unaware of any related injuries or accidents.

The campaign affects approximately 159,000 vehicles sold in the US market, all from the 2014 model year. Service technicians will install a ground strap to the control module to eliminate the potential for static buildup.

The 2014 Cherokee has been listed in five other recall campaigns to fix issues with infotainment security, liftgate-module fires, unintended airbag deployment, detached rear shocks and unintended acceleration.