The victim was working inside a 2001 Accord when the airbag deployed and ruptured, causing fatal injuries.

A DIY maintenance job has led to yet another death associated with ruptured Takata airbag inflators.

A man was killed when he was working inside a 2001 Honda Accord when an airbag inadvertently deployed, triggering a faulty inflator that ruptured and sent shrapnel flying through the cabin, according to an AP report.

The victim was using a hammer and the ignition switch was on, leaving the airbag armed, however Honda has not disclosed any further details. The accident occurred last year in Florida, where high heat and humidity can cause the airbag propellant to degrade and explode with too much force.

"The rupture most likely contributed to his death," a Honda spokesman said.

Even properly functioning airbags can cause deadly accidents if the system is not disabled and deenergized before performing repairs near certain electrical systems or cables. Adding additional danger, many airbag systems are attached to capacitors that hold a charge for a short time after the battery is disconnected.