The five original ones sold out in five days.

Five special edition Dodge Vipers created to commemorate the retirement of the model have sold out so fast that the automaker is adding another to the lineup.

After putting the quintet of limited-run Vipers on sale June 24, all 206 cars sold out in five days, some in far less time. The best seller was the 1:28 Edition ACR, of which 28 were built to mark the 1:28:65 Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca lap record set in October of last year. All were spoken for in 40 minutes.

Thirty-one VooDoo II Edition ACR models — modeled after the 2010 Viper Voodoo — sold out in two hours. A hundred blue-with-white-stripe GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR and 25 metallic green Snakeskin Edition GTC models sold out in two days.

Lastly, 22 blue-on-white Dodge Dealer Edition ACR models, sold only through the 22 highest-volume showrooms in the country, sold out in five days. As Autoblog points out, that's almost as much as the 241 non-special edition cars Dodge managed to move through the month of May 2016.

Due to the response, Dodge is adding yet another limited model, the Snakeskin Green ACR Editions. "As many as 31 units" will be built, according to Dodge, and will go on sale in mid-July.