The portable kit includes a floor jack, cordless impact wrench, torque wrench, tire pressure gauge and a fender cover -- all with Demon logos.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has dropped its weekly Dodge Challenger SRT Demon teaser a few days early this week, revealing contents of its tool kit.

Each car will ship with a basic set of portable tools including a hydraulic floor jack, cordless impact wrench, torque wrench and tire pressure gauge. All can be transported in an included tool bag, while a fender cover enables under-the-hood tinkering without marring the Demon's clearcoat.

The tools are all customized, developed via collaboration with Snap-on Business Solutions. Naturally, each piece is adorned with a Demon logo and matches the red and black color theme.

The package includes enough tools to quickly swap out the Demon's street-legal tires for a set of proper drag slicks. The tools are placed in a large crate, along with other parts and a set of matching spare wheels.

The Demon will make its official debut on April 11.