Fans can download the Demon's exhaust growl to use as a ringtone.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has continued its relentless teaser campaign for the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, revealing its exhaust tone in the 10th video segment.

The company says the Demon's unique exhaust note can be traced to a "torque reserve" launch system, a drag racing technology that is claimed to make its first production appearance in the Challenger.

When launch mode is activated and engine rpm is greater than 1,000rpm, the torque reserve system closes the bypass valve on the supercharger to 'prefill' the compressor. Fuel flow and spark timing are carefully managed, selectively cutting fuel to certain cylinders while advancing or retarding ignition timing to manage rpm/torque balance.

"With torque reserve managing the engine output, the supercharged HEMI engine can build boost pressure before leaving the starting line and reach maximum boost pressure quicker, taking full advantage of the SRT Demon's increased weight transfer and increased contact patch drag radials to reduce 60-foot times," the company says.

The Demon will be officially revealed early next month.