Two examples appear behind star Vin Diesel on set in Atlanta.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is shaping up to be the worst-kept secret in auto-dom. We've had official teasers, logo reveals, and even Instagram users lifting the covers off what appears to be the actual car. Now Vin Diesel has, perhaps inadvertently, given the world another glimpse.

In a video uploaded to Facebook, the star of the upcoming Fate of the Furious movie delivers an impromptu speech to the film crew in Atlanta. Off to the side, two silver Dodge Challengers can be seen quite clearly. Analysis of the video reveals a Demon logo on the fender where the Hellcat emblem should be.

Both cars also have the wide hood scoop, fender flares, and five-spoke wheels with prodigious tire sidewall that has thus far been seen in other Demon images. One difference, however, is that the hood and roof have both been painted black, but that could be a cosmetic addition to the movie cars.

The Fate of the Furious will be the eighth installment in the long-running The Fast & The Furious franchise. Dodge has been a partner for the films during most of that run, supplying Chargers, Vipers and even Mitsubishis during the days when they were part of the DaimlerChysler empire.

This video gives us the best glimpse yet of the upcoming Demon, which will be unveiled in April at the New York Auto Show.