Rear parking and cross-traffic sensors are repurposed to spot potential perpetrators approaching the vehicle from behind.

The Dodge Charger Pursuit is due to receive an enhanced Officer Protection Package.First introduced for the 2017 model year, the system repurposes the civilian Charger's parking sensors and backup camera to alert officers if the vehicle is being approached from behind.

The 2018 edition benefits from a wider field of view, thanks to Rear Cross Path sensors. If a prospective cop-killer is attempting to stealthily approach the vehicle while officers are looking forward or buried in paperwork, a warning chime will sound and the rear view is presented on the camera monitor.

"At the discretion of the law enforcement agency, the tripped sensors can initiate any or all of the following: a signal for the doors to lock, front windows to roll up, reverse lights to turn on and tail lights to flash, all automatically, giving the officer a few extra seconds to react to the situation," FCA says.

The feature is available at no cost to US law enforcement agencies as the Charger Pursuit enters the 2018 model year.