We have a set of fresh spy photos showing off a never-before-seen Ram Power Wagon truck, identical to one of the vehicles shown in Chrysler's recently released sketches for the upcoming 44th Annual Easter Jeep Safari. Chrysler hasn't revealed its intention for the vehicle yet, but it looks to have the makings to be a Ford Raptor-fighting lifted off-road pickup.

Our spies managed to snap these photos as this one-off lifted Ram truck was exiting Chrysler's testing track. They also reported a thunderous exhaust note and quick acceleration, hinting at a beastly engine to match the massive off-road lifted suspension.

Even a quick look at this truck's body panels will tell you that it features custom sheet metal - or possibly fiberglass - out back. Chrysler has not released the details on this truck yet, so we can't be sure if it is simply a concept truck meant to draw attention during special events and auto show tours, or a hint at future designs to come from the Ram brand.

Although the truck looks to be ably fit for off-road terrain, a closer look also reveals what look to be rock crawling tires, hinting that this Power Wagon is better suited for climbing hills that high-speed romps across the desert like the Ford Raptor Baja-style truck.

The spies also reported that the "band-aid brown" colored Jeep caught in one of the photos appears to be a 2007 concept vehicle, making for one unique convoy.

March 12, 2010